Wiltshire Creative host online production of Call Cutta at Home

Call Cutta at Home is an interactive production taking place virtually over Zoom.

Von Katy Griffin

09.04.2021 / https://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/

Wiltshire Creative is hosting the British premiere from Rimini Protokoll. Call Cutta at Home is a piece of experiential theatre, taking a small audience on a journey into the world of a foreign call centre worker through the means of a video conference.

“The show is beautifully put together, full of warmth and charm and was the perfect antidote to the global gloom we have all been feeling,” said artistic director of Wiltshire Creative Gareth Machin.

"Once inside the zoom room, we meet two call centre workers and are encouraged to share our experiences and feelings about the isolation and challenges of the past year as well as reflecting on the people behind the telephone voices that play such a big part in our lives

“At a time when we’ve all been locked down in our own homes, the opportunity to be invited inside the home of someone in a different country and from a different culture was joyful and refreshing.

"Sharing a cup of tea with thirty other people and seeing the quirks of so many different kitchens was a definite highlight for me. At a time when borders are closed, breaking down barriers and re-connecting with the outside world has never felt more important.”


Call Cutta at Home