Who else if not You?

A prolog installation to the exhibition “Rules?”

Von Tanaka / Wetzel

This stage is a stage of questions. 
Questions are what opens up a space between us.
They open up a stage between us on which we can explain our parts
Are there questions that bring us closer together?
Are there questions that help us understanding what different view points we have?
What will be the answers we give?
What answers will we share?
What have I experienced that you did not experience?
Where do we see things different?
Taking inspiration from Rimini Protokoll’s 100% Tokyo (2013), this work is an interactive exhibit in which the viewer can experience becoming part of a data sample. From these questions whose answers are separated into majority or minority emerges a quasi-image of a society. The society that temporarily inhabits the exhibition. And when answers not in the majority appear physically in front of you, you realize that almost nothing is 100% either “yes” or “no.” 
The visitors enter in small groups spending about 15 minutes in interaction with the system that poses question and anononymousely records the responses and adds them to the database of all responses. Often  the responses of the rest of the population of the exhibition and partly of the population of Tokyo are provided.
The installation has been initiated by Miyuki Tanaka who then co-wrote the text and questions with Daniel Wetzel. The work would have been impossible without the collaboration with 

By Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll), Miyuki Tanaka,
Keigo Kobayashi (NoRA) × Haruka Uemura, Shunya Hagiwara × N sketch Inc.
Text / Sound: Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll)
Producer / Text: Miyuki Tanaka
Space Design: Keigo Kobayashi, Haruka Uemura
Technical Director: Shunya Hagiwara
System development: Hidemaro Fujinami (N sketch Inc.)
Interaction Design : Masato Sekine (N sketch Inc.)
Technical Artist : Kye Shimizu (N sketch Inc.)
Software Engineer: Ryo Yumoto (N sketch Inc.)
Motion Graphics: Ken Muroi (N sketch Inc.)
Technical Adviser / Equipment Cooperation: Luftzug
Graphic Design: UMA / design farm
Statistical Adviser: Kazuyuki Nakamura (Meiji University)
Translation: Kyle Yamada
Production Manager: Fumiko Toda
Sponsor: precognition co.,LTD. / THEATRE for ALL
Support: K2LAB
Duration: approx. 15 min.