Odos Lithis 7 (Road of Oblivion No. 7)

FFF | X Apartments - Athens

Von Daniel Wetzel

At this very spot
2 of us have watched films in cinema “Aris”,
10 of us used to park their car,
8 of us wanted a playground and applied for it,
1 of us remembers walking and using the street of Oblivion as a passage before it got converted into a dead end.


About this building
none of us is happy,
3 would like it to be demolished,
1 would like it to be covered with graffiti,
1 wrote a complaint letter to the Ministry.


1 of us does not grow plants any more on the balcony
because this construction keeps the sun away.


22 of us would like to visit this performance,
3 of us will be disturbed if there is music after 10 pm,
4 of us just adore the style of the abandoned buildings in nos 4 & 6,
4 of us have managed to overcome their drug addiction.

We suggest this building to become
a public library (2),
a social clinic (6),
a school or University (4),
a shelter for refugees or homeless (9).


Among us
8 were brought up in this street,
19 came from Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Albania,
6 say they are furious about the immigrants in the neighborhood,
21 others refused to open the door and speak.


With: Aggeliki & Maria Bolla, Dimitris Tsitsis
Research & Assistance: Ioanna Valsamidou
Stage Design: Magda Plevraki
Concept, Direction & Text: Daniel Wetzel


THANKS TO: Baumstrasse - Martha Frintzila & Vasilis Mantzoukis, Menelaos Karamaggiolis, Alexios Mainas, Panagiotis Papafragkos, Antonis Parios, Pigi Psimenou, Panos Tsagkarakis, Stavros & Maria Valsamidis.