Now that we meet again

A performative exhibition

Von Daniel Wetzel

A show to re-open stages after the restrictions. 

Now that we meet again - times have changed. The weeks that we did not know much about what happens outside our four walls. Now we started to meet again, what has changed. How have the others changed. What did we change. What could we do differently from now on. To what have we said farewell forever. What came in new. What did we achieve.  What do we want to present of ourselves now at this point here?

In this piece, each visitor meets 6 people who have prepared themselves for this. The first time they receive something. What happens when they meet again, it's up to them... 


Erstaufführung: BIOS Athen, Juli 2020
Regie: Dimitris Bampilis
Mit: Irini Ampoumogli, Michalis Chatiris, Maria Georgiou, Stavroula Karastathi, Alexandros Theodoridis, Olga Yiourgou
Stimme: Zoï Wetzel
Casting: Dimitris Bampilis
Musik: Daniel Wetzel
Mitarbeit Konzept: Iris Karayan
Support: Dimitris Trakas, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Dido Gkogkou, Lilli Kuschel, Yalena Kleidara, Vassilis Charambilis. 
Produktion: Apparat Athen, Rimini Apparat, BIOS