Cargo Moscow

Von Kaegi / Karrenbauer

A documentary truck ride

They are sitting 2 meters above street-level and have 500 hp under their right foot. They work and live on less than 6 mobile square meters in front of their 40-ton freight.
They don't see their families for weeks and sometimes even months when they queue at the borders to the Baltic States or go on the hardest trip 11.000km to Magadan.
To become a truck driver in Russia once was a dream job. The be on the road was freedom. And for some it still is. Now two of them tell their lives to an audience - seated in the back of a truck.

The truck has been converted into a mobile audience space for 50 people. Where goods used to be stacked in the past, now the audience is sitting and looking through a 10m long window at the city and the landscapes passing by. Cargo Moscow is a site-specific performance along the highway-ring of Moscow that turns gaz-stations, industrial loading ramps, container ports and surprisingly appearing landscapes into a road movie through the reality of a globalised economy.


Review on inforadio by Sabine Stöhr, 13.07.7017

A production of Rimini Apparat and Feodor Elutine.
Supported by Pro Helvetia and Goethe Institute Moscow.
Based on an idea of „Cargo Sofia-X“ (produced in 2006 by HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and Goethe-Institut Sofia)