100% Vancouver

- Eine statistische Kettenreaktion

Von Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

One by one, 100 people enter the stage. These are not trained actors. These are everyday Vancouverites. The demographics of a city brought to life, with the stories and individuals that make up Vancouver 125 years after its official beginning. As questions are posed, the participants sort themselves according to opinions and political leanings, where they're from, how they spend their time, car they drive, bus they take, peanut butter preference and so on. A living, breathing portrait of Vancouver emerges.

Each person represents 1% of the roughly 646,385 people residing in Vancouver. Casting starts with a single person. This first person has 24 hours to recruit the next person, who must then find the next, and so on. In just over three months, the full 100 are linked. Participants are chosen according to specific search criteria—gender, age, marital status, ethnicity, and neighbourhood in which they live—attempting to reflect the demographics of the last census.

100% Vancouver is based on an ongoing project of Berlin’s Rimini Protokoll, which has included 100% Berlin and 100% Vienna. With work like the interactive Best Before (2010 PuSh Festival), the company’s signature style draws on the perspectives of “experts in daily life” to create contemporary works where everyday people are the theatre’s real protagonists.


Director: Amiel Gladstone 
Casting Director and Dramaturge: Tim Carlson 
Stage Manager: Rebecca Craster 
Casting Assistants: Donna Soares, Xanthe Faulkner, Sara Bynoe 
Production Manager and Technical Director: James Foy 
Set and Lighting Design: Adrian Muir 
Video Designer: Tim Matheson 
Sound Design, Video installation and operation: Candelario Andrade 
Musical Director: Ron Samworth  
Musicians: André Lachance, Evan Arntzen, Ron Samworth