Von Stefan Kaegi

Roma, Mattatoio

Stefan Kaegi's work unfolds as documentary theatre performances, radio programs, performances in the public space and installations, through different kinds of collaboration. By deploying research, conferences and conceptual processes, he gives voice to "experts" who have something to say on specific topics. Together with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, he is part of the well-known collective Rimini Protokoll.

From February 21st to 28th, Stefan Kaegi held a workshop at PACS, some moments of which were open to the public, such as the talk "On transplanted performers and remote controlled audiences" in which Kaegi talked about the principles of his artistic practice, linked to documentary theatre and to the investigation of reality through performative languages, presenting some Rimin Protokoll's works, as "100% City" and "Cargo Congo-Lausanne.”

During this "guided tour" through the work of Rimini Protokoll — made up of people, daily experiences and devices that connect us in unpredictable ways — Stefan Kaegi lead us into a reflection on the potential of the language of theatre, which can either be in direct relationship with reality, by showing and giving voice even to those who are not present on stage, or it can build the conditions for an experience that allows us to direct our gaze toward details we usually don't notice.