those that do not shall be cursed

By Yasmina Reggad

24.06.2021 /

Last April, I was commissioned a score by 1000 scores & KANAL-Centre Pompidou. The creation of this performative gesture coincided with a short stay at the Villa Medici and the birthday of one of its current resident, Alice Grégoire.

I gave my score those that do not shall be cursed as a present to Alice who happened to be an architect who collects an impressive amount of stones at the moment.

She performed it on her birthday, in the gardens of the Villa Medici.

One month later, when I visited again, Alice informed me that few days earlier, an employee of the Villa Medici randomly had confided to her that she had stumbled upon a stone and was puzzled the sentence ‘blessed are those that shall turn me over’ written on it.

She initially didn’t dare to turn it over.

READ AND PERFORM THE SCORE those that do not shall be cursed HERE.

And while you are there, do take this opportunity to read and perform one-year worth of fantastic scores commissioned to many brilliant artists throughout the world.


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