Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas.

Keine Absicht - nur Tourette", schickt Christian Hempel eilig voraus, wenn er sich unter Leuten bewegt. Seine Schimpftiraden und seine motorischen Ausbrüche sind nicht steuerbar.…

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11. – 13.04.2019
Frankfurt a. M.

05. – 12.05.2019
Frankfurt a. M.

Feast of Food

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s portrayed the farmers, villages of his time and region in a realistic, often crude way. 450 years after paintings like “The Peasant Wedding” or “Winter…

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07.04. – 28.07.2019
Castle van Gaasbeek (Brussels)

Granma. Trombones from Havana

Cuba has always been a projection space for utopians and their critics. In the 60th year of the revolution, four young Cubans search for traces of history: after the revolution, Faustino…

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21. – 23.03.2019

28. – 31.03.2019

03. – 04.04.2019

10. – 11.04.2019

28. – 30.05.2019

02. – 05.06.2019
Québec (Canada)

19. – 22.08.2019

Prato (Italy)

Lugano (Switzerland)

Play* Europeras 1&2

It premiered in 1987 at the Frankfurt Opera – the Alte Oper – and John Cage said that the project was one of the few decisions that he regretted in his life; probably feeling that…

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100% City

A Statistical Chain Reaction 100 citizens that represent their city in 5 criteria, a sample, a cross-section of the society, always assembled into ever changing new group pictures…

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17. – 20.10.2019
Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas

When Phillis suggests to drive across Germany with their VW-Van, her father Christian is thrilled with the idea. Christian, who is suffering from Tourette Syndrome, has been increasingly avoiding…

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Bubble Jam

Who is on the other end of the internet? How does an algorithm work? Who, or what, is giving us directions? And who, or what, is fake here? Bubble Jam turns the internet into…

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24.11.2018 – 21.04.2019

27.05. – 01.06.2019
Nürnberg / Erlangen / Fürth / Schwabach

Uncanny Valley

We mostly think of robots as work machines, as efficient and precise executors of tasks. In German industry, they barely look like people, to avoid emotional complications. Unlike…

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27. – 29.03.2019

04. – 21.04.2019

03. – 05.05.2019
Krems (Austria)

10. – 12.05.2019

23. – 25.05.2019
Utrecht (NL)