Société en chantier / Society under Construction

The endless worksite at the Berlin airport, the interminable A3 motorway project in Italy, the squabbles around the future Lyon-Turin tunnel, the football stadiums in Qatar, the huge…

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19.03. – 05.04.2020

14. – 16.05.2020


500 years ago, by writing his book “Utopia”, Tomas Morus put forward his alternate draft to the world he was living in: a vision of an ideal society, whose citizens were ready…

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Cologne, Utopolis Köln

100% City

A Statistical Chain Reaction 100 citizens that represent their city in 5 criteria, a sample, a cross-section of the society, always assembled into ever changing new group pictures…

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24. – 26.04.2020
NYC Brooklyn, 100% Brooklyn

CELEBRATE NOW - 20 years Rimini Protokoll

"Scientists have agreed that the intersection between past and future events, the now, is a time period of three seconds", 84-year-old Ulrike Falke read out on stage of our first project…

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07. – 18.05.2020
Berlin, win > < win


“On May 25th, 2001 Simone S. is given an envelope in a massage salon in Munich. In it, she finds a Walkman. She follows the voice step by step through Munich and is never seen again.…

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Chinchilla Arsehole, eyey

“No intension, it’s just Tourette”, is what Christian Hempel is quick to clarify from the onset, when he’s among people. He cannot control his rants, insults and motor tics.…

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