A lot of fun with magical theatre physics

By Bergens Tidende

29.12.2003 / Bergens Tidende

They look like two regular clerks. There is nothing theatrical about the two anonymous looking, well hairdressed gentlemen with glasses on the stage. But this is no ordinary theatre play.

Karl Bruckschwaiger and Amadeus Kronheim came from their home town Vienna.

Since TV professors were having violent physics experiments on TV, has there ever been such a crazy scientistic experiments on stage as in theatre garesjen yesterday?

"Can we be children forever?" wonders Hygiene Heute in their programme - and they give their answer themselves in the form of their playful performance. Of course we can. In more than 1,5 hours Kronheim and Bruckschweiger are playing their way through strange and funny, simple and complicated experiments. Here ping-pong balls are flying over hairdriers, coke-bottles become rockets and airy balloons fly over the audiance.

Loads of physical theories are tried out. As the Spaghetti-theory: Although with long spaghettis very rarely they brake into two pieces. Kronheim, the statistics partner, has so far just observed spaghettis braking into two pieces, more than a year ago in Berlin. Hygiene Heute had not much belief left, that the spaghetti-experiment would work out here in Bergen. But what happens: Voila! It elegantly brakes into two!

As the physic lesson continues the two clerks transform first into physicists and then into actors. The small and well-built Karl Bruckschwaiger fits the tall Amadeus Kronheim well. And the two caracters bring out laughter amongst the audiance in the almost sold out teatergarasje.

There are still chances to participate in this unusual introduction to the misterious world of physics - today and sunday night. And there will be plenty of occasions to speculate the answer to the question by Hygiene Heute: What can we say about things that only exist in theory? Go out and search the answer yourself.