Welcome to you! (radio play)

By Helgard Haug / Daniel Wetzel

“You were found in South Korea in 1977 in a box, wrapped in newspaper.” was the only information from the adoption agency. How can you narrate your biography when the record only begins with your arrival at a German aiport? Miriam Yung Min Stein confronts the big question of her own identity, something both as private as possible yet also part of a larger, public story involving the global adoption business and the decoding of the human genome. She enters into dialogues with experts on the country she nearly grew up in, with people who would rather abolish international aid and with those who don’t understand what would be strange about looking Korean and “feeling German”. A cheek swab promises to provide more information. On a website revealing her genetic data she is greeted with the slogan “welcome to you”.

Book and stage direction: Helgard Haug & Daniel Wetzel
With: Miriam Yung Min Stein, Hye Jin Choi
Music: Ludwig
Mastering Studio: p4 Berlin

Production: WDR 2009
Dramaturgy: Martina Müller-Wallraf

Original broadcast: 20.10.2009 8:05 pm
Total length: 54'