Election Campain Wallenstein

By Helgard Haug / Daniel Wetzel

A film by Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel.

The protagonists of “Wallenstein. A documentary production” (2005) on stage.


While the revolving stage is set up they are captured on camera, reconstructing scenes instead of playing them, matching their experiences against those of Schiller‘s dramatis personae. Robert, who as a boy defended Mannheim from American bombs with an anti-aircraft gun, speaks first, followed by Dave, who reports on the execution of his superior in Vietnam, next to Darnell, who ended up in Vietnam and Heidelberg due to a broken heart, and Sven Otto, the Wallenstein figure from Mannheim, West Germany, a conservative politician betrayed by his own party members, who is countered by a police chief from Weimar in East Germany as Max and Octavio Piccolomini.

Rita Mischereit (proprietor of a dating agency, ph. 0162 3706807), Esther Potter (certified astrologer, DAV), Wolfgang Brendel (former head waiter in the Hotel Elephant, Weimar), Friedemann Gassner (electrical engineering master technician and a fan of Schiller, Robert Helfert (director of local government (retired), 1944/45 air raid helper), Ralf Kirsten (deputy commissioner of police and member of the Weimar City Council), Dr. Sven Joachim Otto (judge in the Heidelberg Social Court and member of the Mannheim City Council), Hagen Reich (former short-term career soldier), Dave Blalock and Darnell Stephen Summers (Vietnam veterans and anti-war activists).

Martin Baer
Katharina Grossmann
Till Kind
Maximilian Preiss
Darnell Stephen Summers
Renee Trojandt

Cutting: Stefanie Saghri
Sound: Frank Böhle, Philipp Weigold
Light: Sofie Thyssen
Music: Daniel Psimenos
Sound mixing: Dirk Schwibbert
Production assistant: Gaby Lingke

Recorded in Hebbel Am Ufer HAU2 in November 2006 – based on a production for the 13th Schillertage Mannheim / Nationaltheater Mannheim in a co-production with the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar Mannheim.

Producer: Christian Beetz
Editing: Meike Klingenberg and Wolfgang Bergmann
A Gebrueder Beetz film production, commissioned by the ZDFtheaterkanal / ZDF 2008.

International premiere: 13.4.2008 Thessaloniki / premio theatre
Public screening: 16th of May 2008 at 9pm in HAU1
First broadcast on 3Sat on 24th of May 2008 at 10:45pm