By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

Join your fellow citizens for an extraordinary journey through Manchester. 
Utopolis Manchesteris a visionary site-specific work that uses intricate tapestries of sound and voices to transform our view of the city. Gathering in dozens of small groups at multiple locations, we’ll head out to explore the people and places that shape Manchester’s daily life – and discover the many ways in which citizens build communities, society and democracy.

As our assembly reaches critical mass, a question emerges. Can a group of disparate individuals come together to forge a utopian state? And how large can this system grow before it falls apart?
Created by Rimini Protokoll and inspired by Thomas More’s Utopia, Utopolis Manchester asks whether another society might exist, if only for a utopian moment…
Utopolis Manchester
Writer / Directors: Helgard Haug / Stefan Kaegi / Daniel Wetzel) 
Dramaturg: Katja Hagedorn 
Associate Director: Rebecca Taylor Sharman 
Composer: Harry Ovington 
Sound Designer: Dan Steele 
Associate Sound Designer: Phill Ward 
Designer: The Office of Craig Oldham 
Creative Technologist, Sound System: Chris Ball 
Creative Technologist, SMS System: Steffen Klaue 
Participation Coordinator: Yatie Aziz 
Producer: Natasha Chubbuck 
Executive Producer: Henrietta Duckworth
Production Management Rimini Protokoll / Touring: Juliane Männel, Louise Stölting
Utopolis St. Petersburg
Voices: Kira Berman, Nadezhda Vedenyapina, Elina Kulikova, Vladimir Kuznetcov, Glaphira Lavrova, Ivan Nikolaev, Alexey Platonov, Sergei Polotovskii
The performance in St. Petersburg is supported by the Goethe Institute and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Theatre Olympics 2019, Schauspiel Köln and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. Produced by Manchester International Festival.