By Helgard Haug

An oudour-recipe - a formula - was developed, based on a specific smell analysis of the subwaystation Alexander Platz

Each space has its own unmistakable odour.

An analysis of the smell in the U-Bahn Line 2 from Alexanderplatz was undertaken in April 2000 by a Perfumery. The odour-world as a whole was dissected into individual components. An odour-recipe, a formula, was developed from this walk along the train station.

This odour was synthetically reproduced in a laboratory.

The specific odour-landscape is dislocated from its origins and is made mobile.

The vending-machine is installed for a period of a year (from June 2000). Travellers can purchase the odour from this place where they find themselves. After leaving this place, this here and this now, it is possible, through the Perfum to re-enter this realm, to relieve, and to remember. In this way it is possible to transport this special place, the Underground Station U2, Alexanderplatz, and in every other space being able to "re-enter".

By: Helgard Haug
With: Perfumer Karl-Heinz Bork
Opening: U2 Alexanderplatz / NGBK Berlin 2000, June 8 2000