Sonde Hannover

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel / Ernst

How suspicious is the sound of a conversation transmitted through a directional microphone? How much adjustment is needed in order to not attract attention?

June 2002: every night 40 spectators equipped with binoculars and earphones are placed at the windows on the tenth floor of a skyscraper in Hanover. Their conversations are tapped by four agents standing on the square below. This sound transmission is mixed with the voices of a department-store detective, an economist, and a flight controller from the police helicopter squadron.
In this way the role of a harmless observer is transformed into that of voyeur-detective. He watches the square, follows passers-by, acquires information. Next to the letters of an advertisement on the roof opposite he discovers a camera which discreetly keeps the place under permanent surveillance.

von Helgard Haug / Stefan Kaegi / Daniel Wetzel
Idee & Konzept in Zusammenarbeit mit Bernd Ernst
mit: Inge Mathes, Nina Lamazza, Farsin Nassre-Esfahni, Arne Sickenberg, Katarina Standke (Sondern), Nils Foerster (Service) und Harry Hubrig (Gebäudereinigung Hubrig)
Und den Stimmen von: Prof. Dr. Heiko Geiling (Politologe), Flugbeobachter Hallfeld (Polizei-Helikopterstaffel Hannover), Dr. Axel Haunschild (Ökonom, Universität Hamburg), Martin Klinke (Katasteramt Hannover), Georg-Walter Tullowitzki (Detektei Thiele Sektion Hannover), Prof. Dr. jur. Diethart Zielinski (Universität Hannover) u.a.
Tontechnik und Livesound: Frank Böhle
Ort: Kröpcke-Hochhaus, 10. Etage (Publikum), Hannover Innenstadt, Kröpcke und angerenzende Straßen (Bühne)

Produktion: Theaterformen 2002

Uraufführung: 8. Juni 2002, 16:00 Uhr