¡SENTATE! (Platz!) Un zoostituto

Ein Placebo-Zoo

By Stefan Kaegi

A piece about the language between humans and animals in a theatre with a back door opening on to Buenos Aires zoo. On stage is the ex-bank assistant Estella Maris with her greyhound, who she now takes to bed with her since her divorce. Maria Cisale with her 12 rabbits, which are named according to memories lost by Maria in an accident, Enrique Santiago, a dealer in spare car parts with his camera-bearing tortoises Romeo and Juliet, the phone card hacker Martin Fernandez with his iguana.

By: Stefan Kaegi

With: The former bank employee Estella Maris with her greyhound Garotita, Maria Cisale with her 12 rabbits, the car spare parts dealer Enrique Santiago with his turtles Romeo and Julietta, the phone card hacker Martín Fernandez with his import iguana Lacan II, and a professional dog walker.
Dramaturgy: Ariel Dávila, Gerardo Naumann
Stage: Oscar Carballo
Premiere: Buenos Aires, Teatro Sarmiento, 22. März 2003
As part of Biodrama, a cycle of Vivi Tellas in coproduction with Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires and Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires.