Safety Cards

By Daniel Wetzel

It is in every passenger aircraft at every seat - the current version of the internationally coordinated safety instructions for air travelers regarding a number of foreseeable but not considered likely emergencies. Using as little words as possible, easy to read for illiterate, too. And as calming as possible, although it is about the most disturbing possible situations for the individual. A starting point for leafing through the maps of numerous airlines and aircraft types and taking a closer look: How do safety cards cover the membrane between deadly dangers caused by the technology we use and our will, mostly to think that everything will go well.


Safety Cards 2.0 (video, mpeg4, duration 12:36)
release date: 01.06.2020
By Daniel Wetzel
Sound: Daniel Wetzel / Rimini Protokoll  (based on the score to Win >< Win)
Dramaturg: Aljoscha Begrich
All images photographed by Daniel Wetzel
Thanks to: Valentin Wetzel, Despoina Damaskou (Spaghetto Athens), Yalena Kleidara, Lilli Kuschel, Jonathan Rosenberg
Dedicated to Christoph Wetzel (1944-2020)
Online since June 1, 2020
Created in the context of ENTER - an initiative of Onassis Foundation. Onassis Stegi and Onassis USA give artists from all around the world 120 hours to create from home a series of new original commissions; sharing their new reality. 
Safety Cards 1.0
Video based lecture performance at Spaghetto
The Breeder, Athens, 12.11.2019