Natures Vivantes

A theatrical country trip between the Rhône and Lônes

By Kaegi/Barneaud

What happens when theatre leaves not only its building but also the city? What is hidden behind the landscape? Is it possible to be in nature without exploiting its resources or crossing it as tourists? What if art, for once, does not imitate nature but allows us to experience it?

For a few hours, the Parc Bernard Clavel in Vernaison becomes a stage with several natural scenographies. Based on the landscape, its stories and in the course of encounters with people and animals, students from ENSATTT invent six performances that can be seen, heard and experienced in the open air. Together they compose a five-hour theatrical excursion into a "natural" environment for the audience.

With works by Mégane Arnaud, Myrtille Arurault, Samantha Bonhomme, Antoine de Toffoli, Marie Grenier, Emma Ricard. 
In collaboration with d'Ariane Courbet, d'Ernest Welisch, Gilbert Navarro, le foyer de vie la Charmille - Odynéo 
Technique: Martin Barrientos, Hugo Durand-Fleurance 
Production: Emma de Meira

In the framework of a scenic seminar by Caroline Barneaud and Stefan Kaegi at the ENSATT Lyon Theatre Academy.

In partnership with SMIRIL - Syndicat Mixte des Îles et Lônes du Rhône.