- A Mini Train World

By Stefan Kaegi

The world of Mnemopark is based upon an actual railway model – 1:87. What does society look like in its industrially manufactured reduplication? By means of minicameras Mnemopark advances into a model of the alps like Tarkowskijs Stalker into the zones of a mysterious land. The play is a film that is shot by four passioned 80-year-old bricoleurs before the eyes of the audience: a documentary science-fiction on agriculture subsedies and an indian petrol-investor. The doughter of a farmer – who cannot afford to be a farmer anymore – explains why cows emit more CO2 than cars.  Thus a landscape simulation becomes film set. Meadows, forests, and barns are really faked up, though that only leads to a higher degree of their fictive reality.

What is under these mountains?

Winner of the Jury Prize Festival Politik im Freien Theater 2005