Matraca Catraca. Uma viagem REM

By Stefan Kaegi

A trip through Salvador da Bahia in a bus with 40 headphones and a DJ

Diney the driver

Diney was driving, speaking and screaming at the other busses

Singing the post-economy

In this place a new enterprise for bus-transport was founded 5 years ago - and broke down 1 year ago. The bus passes the place listening to a song by Nana Mereilles and Lucio da Bahia. 

Turning around

A simple busdrivers-gesture indicating the driver to turn around was implanted to Salvador as a spreading choreography 

Songs of Bahia

The songs of Nana Mereilles e Lucio da Bahia are coming back and back as the bus moves on. They seem to be faster than the piece in every spot... 


The audiance

Each spectator is provided with a headphone. He trips off with the live sound-track of DJ Vicente and the voices of Moacie the cobrador and Diney the driver.

Bus station

Watching the waiting queues at the bus station from a theatrical point of view.