Chapters of a Book

By Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel

For a half-year – a "cycle" – starting in the spring of 2015, Rimini Protokoll is invited to present changing exhibition modules, publications and live events at the PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art. Located in the Alexandrinenstrasse, around the corner from the Berlin theatre HAU Hebbel am Ufer, PRAXES is the first art institution to comprehensively examine how Rimini Protokoll operates: the result is a painstakingly staged clash that brings together the ensemble's live orchestrated events, its exhibitions, and the drawing up of a publication incorporating its multi-faceted material.
Rimini Protokoll will use the time at Praxes (which is neither a theatre nor an archive) for developing a book, and as they do so presenting works again and again in new, different – and hopefully surprising – arrangements and juxtapositions of material, laid out over a large expanse on walls and tables.
Future, current and past works are divided up into chapters, mixed up, expanded upon, given donkeys’ ears, painted over and written over, with pictures, cards and notes finding their way in between the pages…
Yet Praxes is not only acting as the host for documents – Rimini Protokoll will also transfer rehearsal discussions and tryouts for their new piece "Home Visit: Europe" into the gallery – placing the tables up against each other so as to form a long display board and inviting guests to come...
Hopefully they will also finally get around to writing new year's greeting cards to all the protagonists in their work – with perhaps a 15-year delay creeping in here or there.


Chapter I:    31 January 2015
Chapter II:    18 March 2015
Chapter III:    30 April 2015


PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art ist eine nicht-kommerzielle Institution für internationale Gegenwartskunst und Recherche. Im halbjährlichen Turnus präsentiert die Kunstinstitution wechselnde Ausstellungsmodule, Veröffentlichungen und Live-Aktivitäten, die sich ausgehend von jeweils zwei unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Praktiken entwickeln. Den den vierten Cycle im Frühjahr 2015 widmet PRAXES den Arbeiten von CHRIS EVANS (London) und RIMINI PROTOKOLL (Berlin).

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art
Alexandrinenstraße118-121, 10969 Berlin

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