By Stefan Kaegi und Bernd Ernst (Hygiene Heute)

“On May 25th, 2001 Simone S. is given an envelope in a massage salon in Munich. In it, she finds a Walkman. She follows the voice step by step through Munich and is never seen again. Bernd Ernst and Stefan Kaegi have developed a concept for an audio theatre play in which the viewers/listeners embark upon a twofold journey: following the instructions on the tape, they walk through both the real Munich and the fragmentary story prescribed by the author. The audio experience and real visual impressions combine to form a private experience within the public space of Munich.” This is how the SPIELART 2001 programme advertised KANAL KIRCHNER. The dystopian audio walk draws the audience deep into a society characterised by surveillance and manipulation. 18 years after the play first appeared, public space and its rules have changed in such a way that KANAL KIRCHNER’s saturnine, trashy visions appear almost tame.    

Bernd Ernst and Stefan Kaegi formed the label Hygiene Heute at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at the University of Gießen in 1997. Their aim was to expand the extensive history of theatre to include the little mishaps of everyday life and the unpredictable. They worked on joint projects up until 2002.    

Concept and Realization Bernd Ernst und Stefan Kaegi
Production and resumption SPIELART Theaterfestival