Hot Spots - ímoun ethó

By Helgard Haug / Daniel Wetzel / Michael Marmarinos


Theatre piece about tourism. A montage of the most varied viewpoints on the signified place. The first two parts are played for two groups. Each audience group sees an expert-based piece and then, while the other group is in the theatre, follows a tour guide on a tour giving a monologue about guiding tours.

avant premiere: march 8, opening: march 11

with, Yannis Vassos (guard at the dinoysos theatre site), Pigi Psimenou (Olympic Airways),

Souzanna Vrapi (cleaning woman), Thomas Drosos (glider / clarinet), Irini Daskalaki (tourist guide) and Charalambos Ganotis (phone: ) and many others

Production: Thesseum, Athen / Goethe Institut Athen, 2003/2004
Opening: Athen, 11.03.2004