Mr. Dağacar and the Golden Tectonics of Trash

By Haug / Wetzel

Mr. Dağacar says: "Istanbul's soil is paved with gold" and takes off to scratch a bit of that gold in his cart: every night, countless young men stream through the streets of Istanbul and gather from the ground and from the front of the stores the things that have become a burden to others and exchange this for little money for themselves and their families in eastern Anatolia. Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel followed them on their routes through the city and shared their microscopic view on the garbage, whose value is linked directly to the global market – to the prices for copper, steel and gold. Following their survival strategy and taking a look at the crumbly, unstable ground, they interview geologists in the earthquake observation center, who locate small earthquakes every day, and a Karagöz-player, who shows Mr Dağacar and the rest what he puts between light and curtain in order to tell stories about the city and its inhabitants.

By: Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel

With: Abdullah Dağaçar, Aziz İdikurt, Bayram Renklihava, Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ, Mithat İçten

Dramaturgy: Sebastian Brünger
Assistant Director: Pınar Başoğlu
Stage Design: Yiğit Adam
Sound Design: Selcuk Artut
Light Design: Turan Tayar / Patrick Tucholski
Video: Engin Demir
Sound Design Assistant: Alp Tugan
Light Design Assistant: Ahmet Ozan Tarhan
Sound: Ata Guner / Thorsten Schwarzbach
Istanpoli Coordinator: Aslı Demir
Production management: Katja Sonnemann / Heidrun Schlegel

Premiere in Istanbul 15th of Oktober 2010

"Mr Dağacar and the golden tectonics of trash" is a production of garajistanbul in the context of ISTANPOLI, supported by Kulturhauptstadt Europas ISTANBUL.2010, in coproduction with HAU, Rimini Apparat, Kulturhauptstadt Europas RUHR.2010, Rotterdamse Schouwburg and Utrecht Stadschouwburg.

Performance rights: schaefersphilippen Theater und Medien GbR