The Glow Worm Conspiracy (Radioplay)

By Stefan Kaegi

Radio play about guerrilla sabotage and house borer larva.  

A laboratory like a maximum-security prison. Silvia and Reto live underground, battling the shallowness of global ad campaigns. Their role models are bombardier beetles, which excrete exploding secretions when threatened, and glow worms, which imitate the blinking frequencies of the larvae of other species in order to attract and eat them. At the ZKM Karlsruhe Kaegi developed for the Festival Intermedium 2002 an experiment for two hunters. Silvia and Reto build acoustic weapons out of household appliances and food, manipulate toasters, make pickles glow, breed grain weevils that can only be heard with special microphones, and send house borers out to chew up billboards within two hours.

This live radio play was developed in co-operation with Robert Schoen (dramaturgy), David Fitzgerald (stage set), Mathias Wendelin (lighting design).

Concept / Book / Director: Stefan Kaegi
Stage set: David Fitzgerald
Lighting design: Mathias Wendelin
Sound design: Björn Mehlig
Dramaturgy: Robert Schoen
With: Moritz Brendel, Kirstin Petri, Dr. rer. nat. Rüdiger Plarre, Baltus Salzwedel and Steffen Kast’s remote control Monster Pickup
Editor: Franziska Hirsbrunner
Production: DRS/DLF/intermedium 2 2002

Length: 30 Min

World Premiere: ZKM Karlsruhe Medientheater, 22nd of March 2002

First broadcast: simultaneously with the world premiere on MDR KULTUR, NordwestRadioBayern2Radio, hr2, WDR3, Ö1, DRS2, and SWR2

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