Feast of Food

Immersive video installation

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s portrayed the farmers, villages of his time and region in a realistic, often crude way. 450 years after paintings like “The Peasant Wedding” or “Winter Landscapes with Skaters or with a Bird Trap”, Rimini Protokoll embarks on a research to find what farming and food production look like today, far away - and yet so close - from our own kitchens. 
Since Breugel’s times, family-farms have turned into high-tech agro-industries and the food we buy in supermarkets is a highly customized product whose origins and production most of us ignore.
For FEAST OF FOOD at  Gaasbeek Castle Rimini Protokoll stages a contemporary diorama of “rural life” in the form of an immersive video installation with head-mounted displays. Just like in Bruegel’s paintings the spectator will be confronted with a complex spectacle of gestures and interrelations - with 5 versions of a „Wimmelbild“ - a tableaux that depicts the crucial reality of global food production, nowadays. 
Idea, Direction, Space: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
Research: Fabian Stark
Research Assistant: Bram van der Snel, Kristin Brechler
Artwork Tablecloth: Julia Kleeblatt
Production Manager: Anna Florin
Executive Producer: Sönke Kirchhof
Producer: Maximilian Fleming
DOP: Christian Möller
Sound-Recording: Ingo Aurich, Kai Unger
Editing: Philipp Wenning 
Stitching Artist: Jens Burgdorf
Postproduction Assistant: Jessica Zippel
Sound Postproduction: rekorder studios
FEAST OF FOOD is a production by Rimini Apparat and The Flemish Community, Gaasbeek Castle in co-production with INVR.SPACE

Official Selection in stereopsia Awards Competition for the "Lumiere Awards" nominated in the category Best 360 Linear Film