FASE NOVE - Assolo Urbano

Presented by Casa degli Artisti und ZONA K

By Begrich / Karrenbauer

The pandemic emergency brought about the division of social components into systemically essential and systemically non-essential. That on which our survival depends has been separated from what seemed dispensable. Suddenly, countless workers and activities were superfluous. This also included all artistic occupations. The otherwise so self-confident and socially oriented artists were shocked.

When are we needed again? At what point do we appear again on the list of socially necessary professions? Should we start thinking about a world where there is no art? In which art no longer plays a role? What will we miss?

FASE NOVE - Assolo Urbano invites us to deal with these questions in an urban context. Nine art-related locations in Milan - some iconic, others unusual - become the stage for nine audio installations which, based on interviews with various experts, investigate the question of why there is art.

Entertainment, political engagement , pleasure and pain shaped a personal story that each of us has with art. Now this relationship is in crisis. Can the painful separation be overcome? Or is something coming to an end that had become stale long ago? Every real crisis also offers an opportunity.


Ekin Bozkurt (sound designer), Chiara Campara (video producer), Giulia Oglialoro (author, journalist), Riccardo Tabilio (author, dramaturge) and Francesco Venturi (composer) are the artists inside the second open call of the Casa degli Artisti on the topic of work, selected for a joint project that was carried out under the direction of Rimini Protokoll (Begrich/Karrenbauer).

In collaboration with: Anteo Spaziocinema, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Giardino comunitario Lea Garofalo, Eataly, Piccolo Teatro