Eine Kipp-Punkt-Revue

By Helgard Haug

What if everything falters? What if it cannot go any further?
In March 2021, the 400-metre-long and almost 60-metre-wide container ship Ever Given ran aground on an embankment of the Suez Canal in strong winds. It capsized - blocking global freight transport and world trade for six days. More than 400 ships were jammed on both sides of the canal far into the Mediterranean and Red Sea. A central trade route froze. Was the Ever Given, with a dead weight of 220,000 tonnes plus 20,000 containers, simply too heavy? Or too big? Because in terms of length, it can almost match the height of the Empire State Building. Was there too much to be transported too quickly in order to maximise profits?
EVER GIVEN is focusing on collapse. What if a person, an organism, an entire system can no longer continue as before? What if everything that previously seemed self-evident is suddenly disrupted? What happens during a standstill? The protagonists on stage are people who have experienced or sought a radical rupture - were confronted with a message, a stroke of fate, a diagnosis. With a nothing-goes-anymore! But every crisis also has an opportunity somewhere, which in retrospect is often seen as an important turning point, as a moment of solidarity and collaboration.

With: Adham El Said, Hana Hazem, Marianne Schwarzbach

Concept, text, direction: Helgard Haug
Composition: Barbara Morgenstern
Live music: Barbara Morgenstern, Daniel Eichholz
Sound design (live): Peter Breitenbach
Stage design and Costume: Evi Bauer
Video art and Lighting design: Marc Jungreithmeier
Dramaturgy: Maria Nübling, Henning Nass
Assistant director: Birgit Allesch
Assistant stage designer: Laura Schroeder
Artistic collaboration: Lisa Homburger
Production management: Maitén Arns, Eva Luzia Preindl
Tour management: Renée Merkel

A production of Volkstheater Wien and Rimini Apparat in co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Theater Magdeburg.
Supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Performing rights: schaefersphilippen Theater and Medien GbR
Music rights: Barbara Morgenstern © Maobeat Musikverlag/Budde Music Publishing GmbH