DO's & DON'Ts

A journey through every trick in the city

By Begrich / Haug / Karrenbauer

The city is like a giant laboratory in which you can observe everyday human behaviour. But there are rules in the lab. Do's and don'ts. What can you do and what would it be better to avoid? What is being asked of me and how much freedom do I have? What am I not even allowed to think? What would it be like to live without rules? What rules do we need in the future?

The transformed truck from our show „Cargo X“ is ready to tour the city once again.

The audience is placed in this remodelled truck, which function as a mobile auditorium, looking out at the city through a large window. On this trip the ordered system of the city is carefully examined: laws, rules, norms, rituals, explicit and implicit arrangements, visible and invisible codes.

Next to the driver sits a child, who directs this urban laboratory experiment: Not playful, not cute, the child applies what has been learned, but with the clarity, severity and consistency of a game, which has to be played to its end according to the rules that have been set.


Concept / Text / Direction: Helgard Haug / Jörg Karrenbauer
Concept / Dramaturgy: Aljoscha Begrich
Composition: Barbara Morgenstern
Video director: Mischa Leinkauf
Sound design: Frank Böhle
Assistant direction & research: Meret Kiderlen
Intern: Lisa Homburger
Production management: Juliane Männel
Technical director: Sven Nichterlein
Interior work: Notker Schweikhardt
Video assistence: Jay Lee


DO's & DON'Ts BERLIN - with: Dido Antonia Aquilanti, Rudolf Bühne, Jasper Penz
and the Choir of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasiums Berlin leaded by Christoph Rosiny
Video/Sound operator: Max Heesen
Game supervisor: Louise Stoelting
Direction: Helgard Haug, Jörg Karrenbauer


DO's & DON'Ts ESSEN - with: Rudolf Bühne, Michael Henning, Aron Genderly, Charlotte Venghaus, Rasmus Venghaus
and the Choir of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasiums Berlin leaded by Christoph Rosiny
Video/Sound operator: Marcel Nascimento
Game supervisor: Katharina Heib / Christiane Holtschulte
Assistant direction & research: Meret Kiderlen
Sound Design: Frank Böhle
Video Adaption: Arne Strackholder

Direction: Helgard Haug

DO's & DON'Ts HAMBURG- with: Rudolf Bühne, Shalom Asamoha, Fiona Köppe, Oskar Minich
and the Choir of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasiums Berlin leaded by Christoph Rosiny
Video Director: Jannik Morton Schneider
Video/Sound operator: Jonas Rüggeberg
Assistant direction & Game supervisor: Louise Stölting
Direction: Jörg Karrenbauer
DO's & DON'Ts PAISLEY - with: Chloe Crossan, Jamie Ireland, Rory Angus, Collingridge Watt, Eve Grant
Choir: Jamie Carney, Alice Connie, Grace Connie, Ella Dickie, Emily Eden, Jo McCartney, Kassidy McLachlan, Matthew Meek, Anna Mullen, Poppy Paterson, Isabella Ritchie, Kelsey Taylor, Amy Teasdale, Jenna Telfer
Musical Director: Darren Webster
Musical Assistant: Laura Murray
Direction: Jörg Karrenbauer


DO's & DON'Ts FRANKFURT/ MAIN - with: Arun Tönsmann, Lineke Lankenau, Isaak Kudaschov and Rudolf Bühne
And the Choir of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasiums Berlin leaded by Christoph Rosiny.
Assistant direction & research: Meret Kiderlen
Direction: Helgard Haug

A Production of Rimini Apparat. 
In coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Goethe Institut / Performing Architecture Venedig, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, PACT Zollverein, Tafelhalle Nürnberg/Bewerbungsbüro Kulturhauptstadt Europas, Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel and National Theatre of Scotland.
The production is funded by the senate departement for culture and europe.