De Hermeneutische Fitness Studio

By Stefan Kaegi / Bernd Ernst (Hygiene heute)

By: Stefan Kaegi, Bernd Ernst

De Hermeneutische Fitness Studio
Beursschouwburg Brüssel, März 21.-31. März 2001 

"I think with my knees" Joseph Beuys

Every thought is a movement - every movement is a  thought. For "Tom Plischke BDC + Friends" Hygiene Heute  is going to examine the world of philosophical ideas  through the fitness and sports perspective.
You can find describtions of fitness machines and training programs in almost all of the philosophical approaches. (as the Plato Nodding Machine, the diogenes barrol, the Gadamer-circle....): We are in search for sketches of  dialectic machines. We propose: contemplativ training.

Our aim is to translate the philosophical ideas into the  physical language of fitness: A thoughtful training. The questions we ask ourselves are: How many movements  does it take to understand Sartre? Is it possible to measure
Derrida by push-ups? On which part of the body lies the focus of Spinoza? How much Hegel is good for your knees?
How often should one train Thomas von Aquin? Is there a Plato- , Nietzsche- or Wittgensteinprogram? Our goal is to decode these machine and tool instructions. This act of translation we understand as a process of continuous  hermeneutical construction: Bricolage. We are going to  build up a parcour of bodily contemplation: De  Hermeneutische Fitness Studio.
How to train philosophy? How to understand sports?  Reconstructing the philosophical sweat is what is in our minds.

Installatio - Exercitio - Praesentatio