Bubble Jam

a cloud performance from age 12

By Daniel Wetzel

Who is on the other end of the internet?

How does an algorithm work?
Who, or what, is giving us directions?
And who, or what, is fake here?

Bubble Jam turns the internet into a chamber theatre.
Bubble Jam is a game platform. Its servers connect test players (12 and up) via smartphones that they are supplied with. They follow the chat of developers, who are located elsewhere, and respond to their directions and questions to create a perfect round of Bubble Jam: What should it be about? Nightmares? Friends that you’ve never seen? Photos that suddenly emerge? About what “type” you are? Or about that fact that life goes on?
Bubble Jam measures the responses and determines from them who should discuss what with whom. Questions are derived from poll results about how to proceed: Who is playing? And whom is being played with?

Vice video 

Concept and Direction: Daniel Wetzel
Written by: Nikolas Hanakoulas, Giorgos Panagiotakis, Daniel Wetzel
Space: Dido Gkogkou
Light: Guy Stefanou
Software system design and implementation: Dimitris Trakas (ViRA)
Graphics: Dimitris Trakas, Renia Papathanasiou (ViRA)
Sound design: Lambros Pigounis
Assistant sound : Stefanos Siminelakis
Dramaturgy Script coding: Andreas G. Andreou, Kostis Kapidakis
Assitant director: Andreas G. Andreou
Logo: Dido Gkogkou
Project coordinator: Nikos Voyatzis
Assistant space design: Kristin Brechler
Assistant space: Iliana Kaladami
Assistant sound: Stefanos Siminelakis
Consultant-psychologist: Florentia Bakomitrou
Assistance German-language version: Zoï Wetzel
Production management: Juliane Männel, Yalena Kleidara 
Technical director: Martin Schwemin
Special thanks to: Daphne Aidoni, Alexandra Bousiou, Sebastian Drews, Barbara Ehnes, Martha Foka, Dimitris Kalakidis, Marilena Katranidou, Eleni Kolovou, Arianna Kontopanou, Dimitris Lianos, Aimilia Panagiotaki, Victoria Panagiotaki, Jean Peters, Ilias Pantazis, Michalis Papantonopoulos, Natasha Tsintikidi, Mary Voyatzaki, Zoï Wetzel
Produced by: Onassis Cultural Centre and Rimini Apparat
Co-producer: The Cultural Schoolbag Norway / DKS Asker (Asker municipality) and internationales figuren.theater.festival Erlangen, Nuremberg, Fürth, Schwabach.
Using technology and elements that have been developed for the Rimini Protokoll Project “Dreaming Collectives. Tapping Sheep”, written by Daniel Wetzel and Ioanna Valsamidou  (Staatstheater Dresden and others, 2017).
Bubble Jam Berlin
At Grips Theater with (alternating): Jens Mondalski, Nina Reithmeier, René Schubert
Operator: Mathias Oster/Erik Veenstra
Voice: Lilli Kuschel
Dramaturgy: Ute Volknant
Theater education / Collaboration text: Anna-Sophia Fritsche
Production management: Anna-Elena Machmer
Collarboration Production: Christina Tischler
Assitant director: Sophia Blume
Technical management: Jerry Geiger
Video clips: Lilli Kuschel
Assistance fabrication floorcloth: Carolin Jehn, Josefine Ketelsen, Henri Kruse, Afra Nobahar, Marius Zoschke
For the Berlin version  in co-production with GRIPS Theater
Funded by PwC-Stiftung