Brunswick Airport

Weil der Himmel uns braucht

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

“We’re starting now....Sit down and then you will realise what you feel. This is no computer game kiddies would love, but a serious training instrument. “ Volker Brandt, SIMTETC

“The higher we get with this machine the more you get the visual impression of slowing down.” Manfred Müller – Arerowest Flug Center GmbH

Flight simulations are almost like a real flight. Pilots in the cockpit sweat heavily during a virtual scenario, but another perspective presents itself on the outside, as a box on moving legs and jerking back and forth. "Because Heaven Needs Us" is the motto of the German Air Navigation Services Academy, one amongst dozens of companies lately turning Brunswick Airport into a major aviationtechbusiness location, dealing in simulations. Instead of airline passengers and hotels, the "research airport Brunswick" is populated by technicians, scientists and aviation research institutes. Its core business is virtual. Brunswick Airport is a simulation of theatre, conducted through a guided tour via headphones and signs. The airport becomes a stage, every person being his or her own pilot, where the aircraft takes off only in your head.

June, 4th – 11th 2004, to be reached from 12hrs till 19hrs:

Position 1: Ulrich Frost, superintendent, BGS (Federal Border Guard), Passport control, and Herr Riechweit, of the DB security, Distance zero.

Position 2:Manfred Müller – Aearowest Flug Center GmbH, and Thomas Okupnik, fire brigade, 200 metre south-west.

Position 3: Professor Rüppel, Institute of Zoology, Technical University, Braunschweig, 8 km south.

Position 4: Silvia Ohrmann and Jörn Pfingstgräff, Insitute of Air and Space Technology, Technical University of Braunschweig, 500m west.

Position 5: Frank Morlang and Sven Kaltenhäuser, Institute of Flight Management, DLR, Braunschweig, 200m east.

Position 6: Wernher Baumbach – managing director of the Airport company Braunschweig GmbH, in the building, one floor below.

Position 7: Herr and Frau Eickenroth, at Airport 15, Waggum, 400m north, in a red house.

Position 8: Axel Thiel: Federal Office for Accident Research, 400m west.

Position 9: Volker Brandt and Carsten Seehof, SIMTEC, 500m west.