brain projects

By Haug / Wetzel

What happens when I say “I”? What occurs in the brain? The speaker and the spoken-to tacitly agree that the speaker is referring to herself. But what transpires in the hundreds of thousands of kilometers of nerve tracts that connect the millions of neurons that are linked by billions of synapses? Human research is currently having another go at creating models and reconstructions of the workings of the human brain. The two major projects at the moment – one North American and one European – focus primarily on a digital model of the brain in action. Whether or not the act of saying “I” can be digitally displayed by the time the European project ends in 2023 remains open  – the majority of European neurologists have their doubts.
“Brain Projects” works out theatrical arrangements for brain modeling; the thinking about oneself as an observational and hopelessly clueless process.



Concept, Text, Direction: Helgard Kim Haug, Daniel Wetzel

with: Lobna Allamii, Felix Hasler, Irini Skaliora

Stage: Heike Gallmeier 

Music / composition: Barbara Morgenstern
Dramaturgy: Jörg Bochow
Video Design: Marc Jungreithmeier
Video Animation: Grit Schuster
Research / Dramaturgy Assistance: Linn Günther
Research (Athens):  Ioanna Valsamidou
Assistance: Hannah Greve
Assistance to Stage designer: Johanna Zawieracz


Intern: Marc Villanueva
Production Management: Heidrun Schlegel
A production by the German Deutschen SchauSpielhaus Hamburg with Rimini Apparat
With the support of the Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs.
Production Rights: schaefersphilippen Theater and Medien GbR