Bei wieviel Lux schalten Wurst und Schumacher das Licht ein?

By Haug/Droß/Wetzel

In the network control center of the city of Frankfurt / M. all the threads of the urban electricity grid come together. The visitors of the piece "When do Wurst and Schumacher turn on the light?" will be taken there by bus from Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and will take their place behind the huge window of the visitor gallery, which has never before been open to the public. Equipped with headphones and a receiver, the visitors listen to the explanations of the engineers. The dramatic highlight of the evening is the moment when the street lights of the whole city are switched on at the push of a button.

For Mr Krause this is the last time this evening. He will be retired ... and after the ceremony, the visitors take a taxi back to the Mousonturm.

"It is these slight blurs between reality and fiction that make the evening exciting. Sometimes one seriously believes that one is present to a real satire, then the staging aspect becomes more prominent again. At Haug, Droß, Wetzel, working people become performers and heroes, while artists become workers who, like the men and women of the power supply, keep things running smoothly, without even appearing in a prominent position." (FAZ 18.05.1998)