Everything must go! (Radioplay)

By Haug / Wetzel

A radio play about the global market and co-operative competition.


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"An Markt und Handel erkennt man den Wandel..." (The market and trade identify change…)

...is chiselled into the stone building of Frankfurt’s stock market, which is soon to be closed. The most important movements in trade have been taking place on the Internet for some time already. Frankfurt’s DAX trading floor will provide the soothing setting of direct trading for investors watching on television only for a few more months. At Bonn’s weekly farmers’ market in contrast, the same scenery is updated every working day. For centuries the stands have been set up in the mornings and provisionally decked with goods, as if the market might break down entirely the next day – as it did in the days after the Chernobyl disaster, when people bought nothing at all and Bio-Beehr drove goods worth € 300,000 to the rubbish dump. But the market also seems to be otherwise driven by smaller and larger catastrophes. Sometimes, when “Banana Collin’s” monopoly on “jungle asparagus” is being challenged, prices can fall to zero within hours. Every packup at six-thirty in the evening sounds as if it might be the last.

Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel have investigated and listened to the market place as the interface between the global flow of money and goods. Their radio play investigates it using the language of bird lovers, economists, supermarket strategists, wholesalers, casting agents and other specialists.

How does the ‘grey market’ in Bayreuth work and was does Wolfgang Wagner have against it?
How does the cheese from the sock box find its way back onto the ‘intelligent’ shelf and how does a shelf like that call for help?
Why do songbirds sound like building sites when they spend the winter in Africa and like jungle birds when they return and why does Hassan Mohammed sound so different since he changed stands?

By: Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel
With the voices of: Jens Kerbel, Wolfgang Skoda, Thomas Hensch (street cleaner, Bonn), Sue Schulze, Gospavar Stanic (farmers in Küster and Sobania), Frank Henseler (central market Roisdorf), Coskun Bulut (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), Gerald Müller (Commerzbank Frankfurt) and buyers, sellers and habitués of Bonn’s weekly farmers’ market
Production: WDR 2004

Length: 50’17’

Premiere broadcast: WDR3, 21st June 2004

This acoustic market place analysis is based on Haug / Wetzel’s production of “Markt der Märkte (Market of the Markets)” for the Theater Bonn, 2003 / 2004 season.