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By Helgard Haug

MH370 was an international scheduled passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines. On March 8, 2014, the Boeing with 227 passengers and twelve crew members took off from Kuala Lumpur to its destination Beijing: unspectacular routine for 39 minutes and 13 seconds. Then the plane disappeared from radar. The supposedly last radio message from the cockpit: "All right. Good night." The case was and remains a great mystery. To this day, no one can explain how a Boeing can disappear without a trace. And it seems impossible that it remains lost. Although the search was the most costly in history and of imposing proportions.
Shortly after the plane crash, the father of the author and director of this radio play writes her grandson four birthday letters. The contents are almost identical; each envelope is stamped with a special stamp. A year later, no card arrives at all; the birthday had probably been forgotten. And at some point, this forgetfulness gets a name and becomes a disease: dementia. The grandson's name disappears, then the fact that there is a grandson, and finally the certainty about one's own person.


Text, montage, direction: Helgard Haug 
Composition: Barbara Morgenstern
Arrangement: Davor Branimir Vincze
With the Zafraan Ensemble 
With the voices of: Emma Becker, Evi Filippou, Margot Gödrös and Mia Rainprechter
Dramaturgy: Martina Müller-Wallraf
Sound design live sounds: Peter Breitenbach
Sound and technology: Olaf Dettinger 
Recordings: Michael Kube and Frank Böhle

A production of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk 2022

First broadcast: 20.3.2022

Nominated for 'Deutschen Hörspielpreis der ARD 2022'

best radioplay: month march 2022 / Deutsche Akademie der Darstellenden Künste