1000 Scores

Pieces for Here, Now & Later

By Haug / Helbich / Puschke

In 1919, Marcel Duchamp sent instructions for an artwork from Buenos Aires to his sister by way of a present. Suzanne Duchamp was asked to source a geometry textbook and suspend it by strings from her balcony overlooking Rue la Condamine in Paris. “The wind had to go through the book, choose its own problems, turn and tear the pages.”

In Spring 2020, the urge to create instructional performances reached new heights: locked in, with limited social contacts or in physical distance – without a venue like a theatre, gallery, concert hall or club to go to, to meet and exchange, the private environment turns into the place for interaction. In times when meetings are limited and art institutions keep their doors shut, scores become a transdisciplinary artistic practice for connecting people in their isolations and with their surroundings; to keep creating performances by making the audience become the protagonist of pieces that are written for them.

“1000 Scores. Pieces for Here, Now & Later” is an online performance space that presents new scores from various artists on the website www.1000scores.com. Each score is an instructional art piece for one person, commissioned by the project, in collaboration between partner institutions and the artistic team. New scores are published regularly on the website and spread into the world through social media channels and newsletters.



A project by Helgard Haug, David Helbich & Cornelius Puschke featuring continously new instructional pieces by various artists on the website: https://1000scores.com

Produced by Rimini Apparat, coproduced by PACT Zollverein, Goethe Institut/Federal Foreign Office of Germany, KANAL – Centre Pompidou and Tanz im August.

Partner: PACT Zollverein (Essen, Co-producer), KANAL – Centre Pompidou (Brussels, Co-producer), Goethe Institut/Auswärtiges Amt (Co-producer), Tanz im August (Berlin, Co-producer), SPOR festival (Aarhus), Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus (Berlin), Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature (Havixbeck), Kaaitheater (Brussels), IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art (Eupen).