100% Karlsruhe

- A Statistical Chain Reaction

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

For statistical purposes, people are converted into pie wedges, bars and curves used in their turn for political arguments and economic cost- benefit strategies.

What if these statistics were given faces? What if Karlsruhe was represented onstage by 100 persons, a number chosen to yield statistically ‘correct’ information?

According to statistics (gender, age, neighourhood, country of origin, living arrangement) 100 citizens were chosen to reflect Karlsruhe on stage. Rimini Protokoll only chose the very first protagonist. He then had to find the next one, who would then chose the next... in the beginning this was easy - until the first categories started to fill up. In a more than 4 month long process the chain reaction succeeded to bring the city together.

An accumulation that plays the role of the city, a chorus that has never rehearsed before, an impossible entity that combines and recombines in an endless series of new group pictures, ephemeral portraits of belonging and contrasting. A sea of voices as a geometric body on 100 square metres of stage.