100% London

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

In a world bombarded with ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’ 100% London tells the truth of modern London life in a way graphs or pie-charts never can. Spreading throughout London over three months, 100% London began with the casting of one member who had to recruit another in 24 hours, who then recruited another and so on – all according to specific criteria of age, gender and ethnicity mirroring the demographic make-up of one of the world’s most diverse cities.

100 people representing a cross section of London’s 7.8 million population are brought together to tell their stories on stage. In this fascinating and unique performance, Rimini Protokoll is creating a living, breathing portrait of London that is far from average.

Concept: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
Direction: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi
Stage Design: Marc Jungreithmeier, Marscha Mazur
Lighting and ProjectionDesign: Marc Jungreithmeier
Sound Engineer and Additional Sound Design: Will Saunders

Musical Director: Renell Shaw

Producer: Sherry Neyhus
Assistant: Ria Samartzi
Project Manager: Hannah Kerr
Casting: Yamin Choudury, Coco Jackson, Tipaine Tailleux, Kate Voznj, Sam Williams

Photos: Tim Mitchell

Presented with the Hackney Empire 100% London is a city-specific advancement of the project 100% Berlin (Hebbel am Ufer/HAU, Berlin 2008)
Presented as part of the London 2012 Festival.
Rimini Protokoll are supported by the Goethe Institut