100% Kraków

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

In 2012 the statistical office of Krakow counted 759.131 inhabitants registered. 53 percent are female. 5,9 persent are unemployed. 98 percent are catholic. On the other hand there are 150.000 non-registered students who flood the city each october. And over 7 milion tourists per year that drink one liter of beer on average.
Statistics gather people and pack them into pieces of pie, into bars and curves that are used for political argumentation and the creation of economic strategies. What if these statistics were given faces? What if Krakow's 759.131 population was represented on stage by 100 persons? 100%Krakow takes the risk and generates the average of Poland's 2nd biggest city which is to some the secret capital of country. Spreading throughout Krakow over four months, 100% Krakow began with the casting of one member who had to recruit another in 24 hours, who then recruited another and so on – all according to specific criteria of age, gender, district, marital status and household composition mirroring the demographic make-up of this historical urban junction. Each individual on stage represents roughly 7.591 Krakowians – together they a choir that has never practiced, an impossible entity with many faces. They are Krakow, giving answers to questions that are beyond every regular statistic.

Concept: Rimini Protokoll (Helgard Haug/ Stefan Kaegi/ Daniel Wetzel)
Directed by: Daniel Wetzel
Staged and co-directed by: Sebastian Brünger, Tomasz Jękot
Lightning Design and Video Design: Marc Jungreithmeier
Set design: Mascha Mazur, Marc Jungreitmeier
Project coordinators: Aga Federowicz, Tomasz Jękot