100% Brisbane

By Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel

We are pulling back the layers of our city, going beneath the surface of high rises and the jacaranda trees to discover the very real heart of Brisbane’s story. You. Me. And everyone in between. People from all walks of life, beliefs and backgrounds. No two of us are the same, but when we connect we form a city, a community. Together we are Brisbane.

100% Brisbane is an exhibition like no other you’ve seen before.  In an exciting world-first, Museum of Brisbane has collaborated with celebrated Berlin based theatre company Rimini Protokoll to create a powerful and unforgettable interactive exhibition experience which brings together 100 residents who currently call Brisbane home. Fascinating and deeply moving, their personal stories will be revealed alongside beliefs and attitudes that shape who we are, creating a real-time snapshot of our city.

From the enduring culture of our Aboriginal community to the modern metropolis which continues to grow and change,
100% Brisbane puts our city under the microscope like never before. Take a journey from the past through to the present day in ‘A Brisbane Story’, a short film written and presented by acclaimed author and actor William McInnes. Throughout the exhibition you will discover first-hand accounts of people’s experiences of living in Brisbane, alongside some of our city’s most defining moments.

This landmark exhibition also invites you to have your say and contribute to this incredible self-portrait of the city.
100% Brisbane will not only change the way you think about museums, it will change the way that you think about Brisbane.