The Envelopes. Workshop & Presentation

By Daniel Wetzel

Mumbai, Max Mueller Bhavan
16. – 18.08.2019 all day

3-day workshop with artists from the performing arts, in the rooms of the Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and presentation in the urban space around it. A course from place to place, cover to cover, scene to scene.

As part of the Starting Realities series, curated by Anuja Ghosalkar and Kai Tuchmann.

The workshop will enable participant to create performance structures, different from standard stagecraft. It explores the theatre of the everyday in the public sphere. Through the three day workshop, participants will develop micro scenes, write performative instructions and explore their bodies and that of others as spontaneous and temporary performers in a public space.
The questions we will begin with for the workshop are: Who did you write your last letter to? Do you remember? Is it a secret? From whom did you receive your last letter?
Rather than writing letters, we’ll then fill envelopes with other performative texts that inspire, instruct, organise temporary scenes which then can be played perhaps even by strangers that just pass by.
We welcome anyone interested in intervening in everyday life through the tools of Documentary theatre. No age, or experience limitations, open to all. Free entry on first come first serve basis.

The End of Documentary Theatre. Lecture von Daniel Wetzel und Gespräch mit Anuja Ghosalkar am 16.8.2019 am Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai