Artist Talk with Stefan Kaegi “On transplanted performers and remote controlled audiences”



Free event, REGISTRATION is needed.


Welcome to the threshold between fiction and reality, where the blend of documentary theatrical material can instantly lure you into much more complex issues, such as climate change or European politics!

Kundura Stage invites artists, students, dramaturists, press members, architects, directors and editors of the performance arts circle, to this special artist talk by Stefan Kaegi, one of the founders of Germany’s original theater ensemble Rimini Protokoll.

ROBOT The human project


November 26th, 2020 until March 28th, 2021


The exhibition retraces the relationship between human beings and their doubles, revealing to the public the results achieved so far, the extraordinary technological developments and the frontiers of contemporary robotics and bionics.


Parts of the Thomas Melle Humanoid from Uncanny Valley are also part of the exhibition


Mudec – Museo delle Culture