An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Geir Kristian Knudsen
Age: 44
District: Frogner
Nationality: Norwegian 
I live in a collective with my friend Trond Magne.

I am a cleaning attendant at TROLL A - a platform in the North sea. This is the biggest building in the world to have been moved after it was build. 

I belong to the city walkers, the cooks, the LAMBDA-supporters, the restaurant lovers, the ones tipping the waiters, the ones discussing politics, the travellers, the ones supporting using the oil-money for our infrastructure, the freedom seekers, the ones able to differ between case and person, the =OSLO buyers, the zodiac in Libra-people, but I do not belong to the forest walkers, the ones giving to beggars, the conservatives, the safety-seekers, the unstructured, the rigid, the demanding ones or the provocateurs.

It is accidental that I ended up in Oslo – a friend asked me and first I said no. I felt it was unknown, and that it was fine to be here for a weekend, but nothing more. People in Stavanger and in Oslo are different – in Oslo they are colder. You hear that you are not supposed to go to the eastside in Oslo, but a friend of mine was mugged in front of our flat in the west side. Oslo has a lot to offer- also theatres that I don’t use very often. I like the weather in Oslo compared to Stavanger, and the public transport is great.

To claim that the strongest man is he who stands alone? I don't believe in that. If you stand alone, you will not get far, and everything will get much worse. Just look at the trial these days.

For me a change and turningpoint came when I moved from Stavanger to Barcelona for one year. I wanted to move to a bigger city, and because my “2 weeks on and 4 weeks off” shift-worker-situation and good economy gave me the opportunity to do so. I wanted a warmer climate, nice beaches and more food­-experiences.

For the performances at the Nationaltheatre I am walking or using the tube.