An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Aksel Braanen Sterri
Alder: 25
District: Nordre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live in a collective, in a two-floor-house with my friends Emil and Chloé.

I am a political scientist and forever a student, and I am the leader of the think-tank called Progressiv.

I belong to the students, the think-tankers, the elitists, the exercisers and the ones who fast 16 hours a day, but I do not belong to the systematic network builders, the breakfast-eaters, the right wing populists or the ones who try really hard. 

I live in Oslo because I always have – that would be the most precise way of putting it. I am a nest-builder – I build a secure environment, and then I expand from there. I will also live here in ten or twenty years to come. You are formed by where in Oslo you come from. I grew up in Nordre Aker and when I move to Grønland I will identify with the place I grew up rather than the fact that I live in Grønland.

It’s true that “the strongest man in the world are the most alone”. You are. If you manage to stand there without backing. But Tomas Stockmann does not necessarily stand strong. He doesn’t manage to do the things he wants to do. It’s almost something psychopathic in the way that you hold on to your opinions so strongly that you don’t refuse to bend for the majority. It’s sort of Ayn Rand’ish. My thought is that you are a bit crazy if you insist to behave in this way. He can’t be the only one with the truth. Not a very strategical political talent this Stockmann.

I have turned away from eating breakfast even though I for a long time thought it was a necessary part of a healthy life. At first I didn’t believe in it, thinking it was only these stupid, fancy ideas. But then I started having a closer look at it, researched it, and I was slowly convinced that skipping breakfast is an efficient way of controlling your daily intake of calories.

I would go out of the house and glance at my car and think it would be nice to drive, but difficult with parking. Then I would walk towards the tube, most likely I would have to run to make it. Then I get off at Nationaltheatre, and go in through the left side.