An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Sabawoon Nanikhel
Age: 22
District: Alna
Nationality: Afghan
I live with my mother and my father in a two-bedroom apartment.

I am a pupil at Sogn vgs where I do health- and social subjects. I work as a volunteer with children and young people. I have also worked at nursing homes, SFO and youth clubs. 

I belong to the ones who survived falling down from fourth floor, the ones who care about people, the ones who believe in karma, the ones who easily fix things, the ones into martial arts, the ones who once weighed 90 kilos of pure muscle, the ones who like poor people more than the rich, the ones who love their mother, the ones who have to have things straight away, the ones who have owned and played with pigeons, but I do not belong to the miserly, the ones eating fish, the ones who like to show off or the patient ones.

I ask myself why I live in Oslo, I think I have to move out. Furuset has turned into a better place because of the youth club, it has made a difference, still I don’t feel safe. It was safer before. Oslo is not a safe place anymore. It is too many people – I do not know who to trust anymore. My friends and I think that Oslo is about to turn into Athens. I see many things in Oslo which annoys me, I just have to move to Finnmark, where hardly anyone lives. I am more like a farmer. I like nature. I am not afraid of the cold – I know the cold from Afghanistan.

Regarding the saying “the strongest man is the one standing most alone”, I think you should not hide things, you should say things as they are. That is what being strong means to me.

It was a turningpoint for me when I fell down from the fourth floor in the block of flats I lived in. I had forgotten the keys, and I tried to climb in through the balcony. I heard myself saying: “God, give me just one more chance”. I fell to the floor and blood came up from my lungs. The last thing I remember is the ambulance-people using the defibrillator on me, before I fell into a coma for two days. After this my life has changed. I am not the same person I was before.

For the performance I would travel by the subway from Furuset to Nationaltheatret.