An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Marja Kaarina Winther
Age: 73
District: Søndre Nordstrand
Nationality: Finnish
I live on my own. My husband lives in a rehabilitation-centre.

I am a retired teacher.

I belong to the group of curious people, the searching and the one who loves other people but I dont belong to the ones defining myself in- or out of groups. The whole questioning seems a bit distant to me. If people want to define themselves in groups then I accept that. We follow the path of our own but in the end we do stand together. I belong to the group of people who loves other people. 

As a young woman I married a man who lived in Oslo. I still live here because my children and grandchildren live here. Oslo for me is the sound of total silence in the early morning hours being broken by the sound of the first train through the Ljan-tunnel around 5 o'clock. The hills around Nordstrand and Hauketo intensifies the sound. In the spring I can hear the blackbird from my veranda. Which is beautiful. 

I have read An Enemy of the People now for this performance. The play is actually relevant in the everyday for me. The drama points to the fact that if you have seen your own truth you should be open to see the truth of others. The text encourages you to search for your own answer. I believe in the opposite of thinking that the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone.

A turningpoint for me was when an acute life threatening illness affected me some years ago. When I got better I felt a deep gratitude that I didn't loose my life. This event made me stop drinking. I am like a little newborn girl in the grass and I wonder about what I have got: I have everything, and I have become a very grateful and content person. I see the whole thing a lot clearer now. I know that we can effect eachother.

For the performance I will take the bus, as I always do when I want to go into the city-centre since it is hard to find a parking-space.