An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Erik Osvik
Age: 30
District: Gamle Oslo
Nationality: Norwegian
I live on my own in a 2-room OBOS-apartment in Kværnerbyen.

I work with legal aid and as a lawyer at Humlen & Rieber-Mohn Advokater. I often work with taking care of legal rights for foreigners in Norway.

I belong to the group of people who loves to go away, the singles, the stubborn, the ones who want to win, the verbal, the ones who love everything special and the ones who absolutely cannot do the same as everybody else although it would be sensible but I do not belong to the people on Facebook, the car-owners, the ones that were Michael Jackson fans when they grew up or the ones who always thinks that everything is okey.

I am born and raised in Oslo and I have lived most of my life there, and I have never lived other places in Norway. Oslo is a fantastic city, but sometimes it becomes to small. I have moved abroad many times and right now I am moving to Rio. Oslo feels at its best after having been away for a long time. Or on a sunny day during the summer holidays when the city is empty for people.

I have little relationship with Ibsen until taking part in this performance. In my opinion you are hardly the «strongest» on your own. Even if it takes courage and character to stand alone against the rest of the society, it is probably not at this point you stand the strongest – although it can have this heroic effect on people.

A turningpoint for me came already at a young age because I grew up with friends that had parents from foreign countries. This gave me the interest for everything different,  and I travelled abroad on my own as a six year old to visit a friend of mine that had moved abroad. I have ever since continued travelling abroad, and I have lived in several countries over time. I have worked for more than five years with legal services and as a lawyer, and a lot of the cases have involved taking care of the legal interests of foreigners here in Norway. Thus I have gotten to know foreign cultures and countries, and also it has made me aware of the challenges foreigners meet here in Norway. These experiences have enriched my life and I am grateful for the impact immigrants of Oslo has had on my life.

For the performance I will travel with bus nr 32 from Kværnerbyen to the Nationaltheatre.