An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Maryam Faghihimani
Age: 35
District: Vestre Aker
Nationality: Iranian
I live alone in a cottage with a roof covered by herbs and berries.

I work as an adviser at the University. 

I belong to the intellectuals, the elitists, the truth seekers, the singles, the forest walkers, the nature lovers and the vegetarians but I do not belong to the religious or the lazy ones.

I live in Oslo because the University asked me to come and work for them after I had been doing some research there. I have lived here almost 3 years. What I don´t like is the low intellectual activity and appreciation of classical art. I haven’t decided yet if I´m gonna stay in Oslo in the future. For me, the soundtrack of Oslo is the singing birds. I live in the forest, and I hear the different songs they sing in the morning and the evening. 

I´m familiar with Ibsen and I discussed An Enemy of the People with friends in Berlin recently. What concerns me a lot is the matter of the majority´s dealing with the truth. I can identify with the quote "the strongest man is him that stands alone", as I come from a very conservative Islamic family, but I myself have never believed in religion at all. At the age of 16 I totally turned away from it, and it made me stand very much alone. The temptation of seeing what was going on outside my strictly religious family´s walls forced me to explore the world. I won´t say I’ve moved in circles but I guess I turned back to my parents point of view in some way, as I now find that the truth is not to find amongst the majority, but in the elite.

For the performances I am going with the tube from Blindern to the Nationaltheatre.