An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Ali Al-Khafaji
Age: 48
District: Søndre Nordstrand
Nationality: Norwegian-Iraqi
I live in a semi-detached house with my wife Kjersti and my kids Hadi , Adam and Selma.

I work as a hairdresser.

I belong to the Iraqis, the hairdressers, the soldiers, the ones that don’t understand people going to war, the immigrants, the refugees, the beer drinkers, the ones that hang at Møllers cafe, the ones going to Litteraturhuset and Cinemateket, the ones that read, the ones still learning and the tolerant but I do not belong to the ones that absolutely don’t tolerate others.

I live in Oslo because I was placed here when I came to Norway. I used to live at a public housing behind the Deichmanske library. Even though it was so small, I loved it. It was my very first own place! And every immigrant that are placed elsewhere in Norway dream about coming to Oslo. Because of the opportunities here.  So I was lucky. 

I just know that An Enemy of the People is a critique of the society Ibsen lived in. I think that the quote is absolutely true: You are strong if you stand alone. And when you are strong and stand alone, people will unite with you. A group of many strong usually starts with one strong man.

I have turned from being someone just thinking about himself into someone thinking more about the others.

I would go by train to the central station and then by the subway. Or the bus that goes straight from Holmlia to Nationaltheatret.